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本文摘要:For Lisa Hanson, a stay-at-home mother in San Francisco, the alarm that used to rouse her out of sleep most mornings was the sound of her toddler.对于丽萨.汉森这位生活中旧金山的全职妈妈来说,常常在早上把她从睡梦中睡觉的就是她一岁的儿子的收到的声音了。

For Lisa Hanson, a stay-at-home mother in San Francisco, the alarm that used to rouse her out of sleep most mornings was the sound of her toddler.对于丽萨.汉森这位生活中旧金山的全职妈妈来说,常常在早上把她从睡梦中睡觉的就是她一岁的儿子的收到的声音了。He wakes up at 5:30 screaming sometimes, she said. It would jolt me awake, and then Id be miserable and groggy all morning because Id be woken up when Im in my deepest sleep.他早上5:30就睡了,有时候还哇哇大叫,她说道,他的尖叫声把我震醒,然后整个早上我都感到痛苦失眠,因为我都是在惊醒的时候被睡觉。But last month, Ms. Hanson started using a new program, the Renew Sleep Clock, an iPhone app that keeps track of her sleep. Its makers, GEAR4, say that the app uses radio sensors to detect breathing patterns and movements at night, then uses that information to wake a person at the lightest point of sleep, the optimal time to wake up. The theory is that awaking from light sleep, as opposed to the deep stages of sleep, helps reduce so-called sleep inertia, the cloud of grogginess and impaired alertness that makes people desperately want to crawl back into bed. The app also acts as a sort of sleep adviser, giving Ms. Hanson guidance about the amount of shut-eye to shoot for and ways to get there.但是上个月,汉森女士开始用于一种新型软件,睡眠中改版钟,一款iPhone 应用于可以跟踪用户的睡眠中。

这款应用于的研发团队GEAR4说道睡眠中改版钟用于无线遥测器以监测使用者夜晚的排便模式和行动,接下来利用搜集的信息在使用者睡得最重的时候把使用者睡觉,也就是最理想的睡觉时间。这个理论,即在最轻度睡眠中时把使用者睡觉,与深度睡眠中忽略,有助减少所谓的睡觉后幼稚、由睡眠不足引发的身体衰弱和警觉度损毁,而就是这些状况让人们迫不及待地想爬到返床上。此外,睡眠中改版钟还起着了睡眠中咨询师的起到,告诉汉森女士必须多少眼睛开闭的次数以及如何超过这一数字。Since Ive been using it, I do feel better, Ms. Hanson said. Its waking me up in a more ideal stage of sleep and helping me have that much better of a day.自从开始用于这项应用于,我显然感觉好多了,汉森女士说道,它让我在更为理想的状态下醒来时,让我在接下来的一天来过得更佳。

The Renew Sleep Clock, which costs $199, is the latest addition to a new generation of smartphone apps designed to analyze and improve sleep patterns. While experts have warned for years that gadgets like smartphones are increasingly disrupting sleep by keeping us connected 24/7, these programs claim to do the opposite. Two other products that have gained followings are the WakeMate ($59.99), a wristband worn at night that wirelessly transmits data to the users smartphone, and the Zeo Sleep Manager-Mobile ($99), which uses a sensor-equipped headband to collect data about the users sleep habits.价值199美元的睡眠中改版钟是新一代智能手机应用于的可选五品,其设计目的就是分析及提升睡眠中模式。然而专家们多年以来都在警告人们,像智能手机这样的小机器正在更加多地妨碍人们的睡眠中,因为它们使我们无时无刻都被相连,尽管这些软件声称的与此相反。另外两种具备相近功能的应用于是睡觉伙伴(价值59.99美元)和Zeo睡眠中移动管理(价值99美元),其中Zeo用于了装有感应器的头带借以搜集使用者的睡眠中习惯。

While all the apps vary, they generally work by having users pick a window of time in the morning - typically 20 to 40 minutes long - during which they would like to get up, then nudging the sleeper awake at the lightest point of sleep in that window. Sleepers get a score each morning that factors in the number of hours they slept while adding and subtracting points for things like disruptions and the percentage of time spent in the deep, restorative stages of sleep. The programs also let users keep track of daily habits like caffeine intake, exercise and meals, among other things, so they can see which habits might be affecting their sleep.尽管这类应用于多种多样,但是工作原理基本上都是让使用者在早上自由选择一段不愿睡觉的时间,约20到40分钟,然后这段时间内,在使用者睡得最重的时候把他们睡觉。睡眠中者每天早上都会获得一个分数,这个分数主要是由他们睡眠中时间所影响,同时考虑到其他因素对分数展开以此类推,如使用者受到的阻碍和正处于深度修缮睡眠中阶段的时间所占到的比例。这类软件还让使用者记录日常习惯,如咖啡因的摄入量、磨练习惯和饮食习惯等等,这样就可以了解到使用者的那些习惯不会影响其睡眠中。

But while some people swear by these tools, scientists caution that the claims they make and the advice they dole out to users may not be very sound.尽管一些人接纳这些软件时,科学家却警告说道这些软件给使用者的允诺和建议也许没说道得那么好。



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